Monday, October 31, 2005

What can we Learn from the Iranian President Speach

Reading the last speech held by the Iranian president, one might wonder about the political wisdom of the Iranian officials. The fact that Iran's leadership hoping, and actively perusing, the destruction of Israel is not new but it was below the horizon for long time. Why did they need to emphasize the hard-line ideology they are holding while so close to achieve nuclear ability?

One would assume that the strategic goal of becoming regional and global superpower achieved through nuclear weapons is too important. Furthermore, when American forces are at the Iranian border the danger of loosing all that achieved will be too high to risk. However this risk emphasize that such assumptions were probably wrong.

I can only speculate but it seems to me, base on the timing of this speech, that:

1. The Iranian government considering American attack as completely not possible. Either because of internal American politic or because of the Geo-politic status, The Iranian government is not worried from American Attack or its results.
2. The Nuclear Weapon project is in a point that military attack will not be able to destroy it. This is a pure speculation but I'll not be completely surprised if the Iranian project is much more advanced then we realized.
3. The Islamic politic is much more important then the international "noise". In its effort for hegemony in the Muslim world, and considering the challenges by Sunni's movements (such as "Al-Kaida") the Iranian president had to hold hard-line publicly.

What will be the reaction of the west for such danger? Are we going to deal with the real threat or take on Syria, the easy target? We will have to watch.

MEMRI: Iranian President at Tehran Conference

Is Close networks are the only Solution?

Evslin's post deals with the question of incentive to open any network for other companies use. In his post Evslin describe the incentives for companies to build "walled Garden" around there network.

The arguments, describing why companies would want to prevent other companies from accessing their network, making perfect sense only if the access to the network is free for everyone. However it doesn't necessarily need to be so: a company can charge different rates for different use of their services. The smaller company (or in Evslin's terminology the n+1 company) then needs to decide if the price it pays worth entering the network.

This is not a new approach, telecom companies developed many ways to charge for traffic on their networks - the economical incentive for cooperation is big enough.

Fractals of Change: Bubble 2.0 Bubble 2.0 – Why There’s a Wall Around Your Garden

Sunday, October 30, 2005

VOIP Wiretaps

It is hard for me to point a single occasion when I herd about FCC decision and thought - this will improve people's life. In fact I can point too many occasions were the government and this agency held back improvement.
The entire involvement of the FCC with VoIP is a story built on regulation divorced from reality, lack of basic understanding in the technology they are trying to regulate and the notion that government has to regulate every aspect of our life.
I truly hope that the appeal process will overturn this decision.

A Venture Forth » Blog Archive » VOIP Wiretaps: A Means to an End or A Waste of Time?

Friday, October 28, 2005

The UN Weekly posting

I wrote about the UN before, I think to open here a special RSS for the UN stories. The idea that some Iranian representative will govern the interment is so ridiculous that I'm sure this is going to happen.

TCS: Tech Central Station - Will the Internet become the UNTERNET?

Google Job Ad

Why is Google looking for native Hebrew speakers in its Dublin office when it has an office in Israel?

GoogleAd.jpg (JPEG Image, 635x517 pixels)

Source in Hebrew: Room 404

The top 5 red flags of software development - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

This post is right on the money. I heard these statements, I also used them - the results were never good.

The top 5 red flags of software development

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

If you Tag it they will come...

Earlier today I posted my short comment on Google's blog announcement regarding "Google Base". I suggested that the blog announcement was PR work and did not provide any real information. I also tagged the post with several tags, one of them was [PR]. Later when I came back from work I checked Technorati to see if anyone else check this angel of the story and I found the following post: POP! PR Jots: Google Base ... from October 11: "POP! PR Jots" and I found out two things: firstly I found interesting blog which I'll keep read and secondly I found that the story about "Google Base" was already out on October 11th.
It seems that the tagged worked for me again.

Google Response for the "Google Base" Rumor

Maybe it is because my English isn't perfect, but it seems like they did not say anything.

Official Google Blog: Rumor of the day

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Microsoft using AJaX?

I found the following beta site by Microsoft very interesting. Not that it contains something that we did not see before but the idea of Microsoft using AJaX and not one of the Microsoft solutions is fascinating.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cambridge Researcher Says Humans Can Live For 1000+ Years

As my Mother in-law saying: He should live so long...

read more | digg story

No Reason to Wonder

I would suggest another reason why Bloomberg is not being attacked by the liberal blogs. It is not because of the fact that the liberals focusing on the national politics and it is not because they do not understand the political power of blogs (really ? after the 2004 elections?).
It is mainly because Bloomberg isn't really a republican. He only joined the republican party after he failed in the democratic party. Moreover the policy he run in the city isn't so different or offensive to the liberals. Do I need to remind anyone how the liberals reacted to some of Giuliani's acts?

this page disappeared and is being republished

Mayor Bloomberg wonders: where are the liberal attack blogs?. Corante New York:
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why did I uninstall Feeddemon?

I tried today the FeedDemon application and I have many good things to say about it. Their added values in the features of auto discovery and watch list, in addition to the channel methods are cool and useful. However after playing with it I uninstall it.
The first reason, but not the most important, is that it did not handle very well. Since many of the feeds I'm using are in Hebrew its make my life less comfortable. I would not expect FeedDemon to bother with such small section of the market, but seems other do I enjoy using them.
The second reason is the fact that FeedDemon was an application and not extension or a toolbar in my browser. I got use to have my news/feed reading activity combined with my posting and the, less and less, general browsing. However, and despite the fact that FeedDemon has browsing abilities, FeedDemon isn't competing on the browser market and therefore is very limited.
Using sage as an extension in Firefox, and hopefully soon also with Flock, is very comfortable. The Feed handling combined in instinctive way with my general browsing and bloging. In addition feature like BlogIt making my experience even smother.
If FeedDemon would offer the feature and approach of feed handling combined in my browser I would be more then happy to try them again.

The UN, who the hell need it?

Earlier this week I red the following an article about "UNESCO Adopts Cultural Diversity Pact". My understanding of these resolution is that the UN allow dictators blocking Western influence, such as human rights and freedom of speech, under the umbrella of local cultural protection. The free market of ideas need to be protected by the UN.
But just when I though that they cannot top themselves came another piece about the UN doctoring, stupidly, with Harriri's murder. Not only evil organization, but also dumb .Venture Chronicles: UN office doctored report on murder of Hariri - World - Times Online

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Yesterday we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We choose to celebrate it in a nice romantic restaurant and we went to “One if by land Two if by sea” and we did not regret it. This is one of the most, if not the most, romantic places we ever saw. From the entry

Through the dining rooms

this place is beautiful. The food was very good and the service was excellent.We will definitely will come again.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The case for universal broadband Internet access in New York City. Corante New York:

I already see the claim that broadband internet connection should be a protected right, and therefore I should pay (with my taxes) for someone else connection. In fact someone already start making this claim: "Only an estimated 38% of New Yorkers currently have broadband access, but an ever-higher percentage of Internet content (such as video) requires this capability. The “digital divide” between higher and lower income communities may never be closed completely, but municipal broadband and wireless initiatives represent a concerted attempt to narrow this gap..."

The case for universal broadband Internet access in New York City. Corante New York:

Thursday, October 20, 2005

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Huh?

I do, I think. Newspapers can never bring the last minute story. This battle was lost when the TV start broadcasting, definitely after CNN. However I would rather wait sometimes and get more comprehensive story not the repeated news flash and the 30 seconds coverage.

The problem is that newspapers trying to fight the TV news and the blogs in the only area they cannot win.

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Huh?

Flock at first impression

At first impression flock is rather disappointing. the expectation for "Social" browser seems unfulfilled. As a browser it seems to be stable and run smoothly, even with better results then its source the Firefox.

Areas of weaknesses as experienced in 2 hours of browsing:

  1. RSS Reader:
    1. The integration is not natural and browsing is not comfortable to the end user.
    2. The sidebar, that exist in Firefox and IE, doesn't exist in Flock and since the RSS Reader is integrated in the favorites you have to jump between these windows.
    3. No marking of RSS for new/unread postings.
    4. The RSS aggregator is not user friendly.
  2. Bloging:
    1. The top bar is very nice idea
    2. The posting option existed in firefox as extension. Anyway its working well.
  3. Flickr Top Bar Cool
  4. Flock added favorites to my accounts with my permission, all of them are obviously Flocks… I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and mark it as bug.

That is all after short period of time using the application. I'll try posting this blog through Flock, if it to check the quality (include screenshots and links).

Flock favorites and feeds screen (with the bloging topbar open) :

Flock's Favorits

Flock RSS Aggregator (With the Flickr topbar open): Flock's RSS

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tseela's first Costume

Tse’ela got today her first costume. She is going to a pirate, a scary one according to her.

Tseela's new bed

Originally uploaded by RogelSM.
Finally we got Tseela’s new bed, the mattress will come later.



Web base IM

I'm failing to see how converting messaging into Web application is a great idea. How taking a small application and tie it into my browser makes it better to me as the end user? It seems to me like it is actually less comfortable.

I played with the application meebo and realized that most of the advantages of the messaging applications achieved long ago do not exist in this application: you are notified of message only by having the browser window open etc.

Maybe Jeff Nolan is right when he claims that messaging it the new hot thing I just don't see why. From a user point of view I couldn't care less about the AJaX, or any other programming technique, I only care if its make my life more comfortable - and its not.

How far can it go?

It is amazing how we are willing to except such action described in “eBay Nation and the Golden Goose”. I have hard time seeing where is the protection provided for us, the people, by such actions.It is sad to watch how Americans, previously known for the individualism and liberty, willing to let the government to control their life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Looking for Job?

I wonder how good is the relocation service at Google. Any volunteers for this Job?

Promoting Mediocre?

In his posting "The amorality of Web 2.0" Nicolas Barr pointing out clearly some of the problems involved with the so called WEB 2.0. In the rush to declare that the old fashion journalism is dead and replaced with the blogsphare we lend ourselves into mediocre. Yes blogs are fun and useful but they cannot replace journalism (in its true sense). It is hard for me to see any blog replace “The Atlantic” in its depth analysis and scholarly essays any time. Moreover every time that “Old fashion” newspaper or magazine tried to modify itself to the up bit changes presumably required by the internet as a medium we, the users, lost twice: the good old newspaper is no longer exist and the new “Online” newspaper is, in most cases” a bad blog.

In his article, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson demonstrate how the attempts to appeal to the general public “want” tend itself to limited market. He is pointing out a good use of technology that overcome the traditional inventory and warehousing limitations. In the same way I hope we will not loose the old fashion newspapers and magazines for mediocre blogsphare but learn to enjoy both.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The check is in the mail…

If someone was looking for the best campaign award, here is a candidate:

New York City: Pirro hits up Clinton for money to battle Clinton


Additions and Modifications

I made additional modification / improvements to the blog today. Firstly I added link to technorati and I start to use technorati's tags. secondly I added google add sense. after short modification I was able to move it from the top of the page to the bottom of the sidebar.

In addition I'm testing the feature of posting directly from my e-mail. if this feature will work as I hope it will make sense to use it in the future.


I'm still struggling with the best way to combine text with pictures and I'll probably keep making experiments here and there.

Testing Trackback

This is a test for Trackback. I'm not sure that I'm fully understand how it should work. Anyway here is the link

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Two New Pictures of Tse'ela

This is another test in combining pictures in the body of text.I'm trying to check if this is better method then the one i used in the post earlier today.Tseela101605_0211 I'm trying to combine here two pictures of Tse'ela just so I can check if the this method will provide better results.Tseela101605_0212 one problem that I can see is how to align the height of the picture to the begging of the text, but it seems like easy to solve issue. I also wonder how to combine the Flickr HTML into text but the results will show if my method was successful.

Picture of Tse'ela posted directed from Flickr

Originally uploaded by RogelSM.
This is a test of posting to the blog directly from Flickr. It seems that it limits me for one picture per posting.But it is cool anyway.

דברים: Oppening statement

דברים: Oppening statement

Oppening statement

This is the initial post for this blog. I do not know what use I'm going to have for it, beside updating family that we posted new pictures.

That is all for now

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