Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Promoting Mediocre?

In his posting "The amorality of Web 2.0" Nicolas Barr pointing out clearly some of the problems involved with the so called WEB 2.0. In the rush to declare that the old fashion journalism is dead and replaced with the blogsphare we lend ourselves into mediocre. Yes blogs are fun and useful but they cannot replace journalism (in its true sense). It is hard for me to see any blog replace “The Atlantic” in its depth analysis and scholarly essays any time. Moreover every time that “Old fashion” newspaper or magazine tried to modify itself to the up bit changes presumably required by the internet as a medium we, the users, lost twice: the good old newspaper is no longer exist and the new “Online” newspaper is, in most cases” a bad blog.

In his article, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson demonstrate how the attempts to appeal to the general public “want” tend itself to limited market. He is pointing out a good use of technology that overcome the traditional inventory and warehousing limitations. In the same way I hope we will not loose the old fashion newspapers and magazines for mediocre blogsphare but learn to enjoy both.


Blogger Patt said...

i agree but blogs are random fun.

10/18/2005 7:48 AM  

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