Monday, October 31, 2005

What can we Learn from the Iranian President Speach

Reading the last speech held by the Iranian president, one might wonder about the political wisdom of the Iranian officials. The fact that Iran's leadership hoping, and actively perusing, the destruction of Israel is not new but it was below the horizon for long time. Why did they need to emphasize the hard-line ideology they are holding while so close to achieve nuclear ability?

One would assume that the strategic goal of becoming regional and global superpower achieved through nuclear weapons is too important. Furthermore, when American forces are at the Iranian border the danger of loosing all that achieved will be too high to risk. However this risk emphasize that such assumptions were probably wrong.

I can only speculate but it seems to me, base on the timing of this speech, that:

1. The Iranian government considering American attack as completely not possible. Either because of internal American politic or because of the Geo-politic status, The Iranian government is not worried from American Attack or its results.
2. The Nuclear Weapon project is in a point that military attack will not be able to destroy it. This is a pure speculation but I'll not be completely surprised if the Iranian project is much more advanced then we realized.
3. The Islamic politic is much more important then the international "noise". In its effort for hegemony in the Muslim world, and considering the challenges by Sunni's movements (such as "Al-Kaida") the Iranian president had to hold hard-line publicly.

What will be the reaction of the west for such danger? Are we going to deal with the real threat or take on Syria, the easy target? We will have to watch.

MEMRI: Iranian President at Tehran Conference


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