Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why did I uninstall Feeddemon?

I tried today the FeedDemon application and I have many good things to say about it. Their added values in the features of auto discovery and watch list, in addition to the channel methods are cool and useful. However after playing with it I uninstall it.
The first reason, but not the most important, is that it did not handle very well. Since many of the feeds I'm using are in Hebrew its make my life less comfortable. I would not expect FeedDemon to bother with such small section of the market, but seems other do I enjoy using them.
The second reason is the fact that FeedDemon was an application and not extension or a toolbar in my browser. I got use to have my news/feed reading activity combined with my posting and the, less and less, general browsing. However, and despite the fact that FeedDemon has browsing abilities, FeedDemon isn't competing on the browser market and therefore is very limited.
Using sage as an extension in Firefox, and hopefully soon also with Flock, is very comfortable. The Feed handling combined in instinctive way with my general browsing and bloging. In addition feature like BlogIt making my experience even smother.
If FeedDemon would offer the feature and approach of feed handling combined in my browser I would be more then happy to try them again.


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