Friday, November 11, 2005

The UN weekly rant

Readers of this blog know that I have small obsession with the UN. My opinion about this organization is that it is wasteful organization which provide very little, if at all, good. Since every country has equal vote in the general assembly it's pretend to be "Democratic" organization. However since the delegations are not elected, and most of them represent dictators and non-democratic regimes, that is a parse of democracy.

While this organization did not stop any war since it was founded it provide a lot of occupation for many bureaucrats that do simply nothing.  This Organization was incapable, or worse - unwilling, to stop neither the genocide in Sudan and Somalia nor any action of tyranny. However, as we in recent years found out, was safe place for corruption as with the food for oil program.

This Organization is now the tool for some countries, mostly from the EU, to drive an effort to move the governing of the Internet to the UN. These Countries that made no investment, and took no risk developing the Internet want to control the closer thing to free market. Annan's claim that “Everyone acknowledges the need for more international participation in discussions of Internet governance...” is fallacy - The Internet is governing by the organizations that invest, and took risks, developing it. If the Europeans believe that the Internet governance, as it is now, give too much power to the American government they are welcome to build their own network.

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